Commodity Committee

Clothing Committee (Commerce)
President:Tribikram Hyoju
Vice President:Anil Kumar Chuke

Hardware Committee (Commerce)
President:Dinesh Ghimire
Vice President:Anil Kumar Gupta

Food and Beverage Committee (Industry)
President: Ananda Prasad Ojha
Contact: 9847708484
Vice President: Sapana Sharma Pandit
Contact: 9847077801

Furnishing, Quilt, Furniture Committee (Commerce)
President: Amulyaman Thaiba
Contact: 9857020771
Vice President: Sailendra Shrestha
Contact: 9847092647

Retailer Clothings Committee (Commerce)
President: Sanjay Man Sainju
Contact: 9857025950
Vice President: Bishnu Prasad Poudel
Contact: 9857031160

Hotel, Tours and Travels Committee (Industry)
President: Ganendra Shrestha
Contact: 9857070512
Vice President: Baburam Shrestha
Contact: 9857012611

Dealer Committee (Commerce)
President: Kul Prasad Shrestha(Krishna)
Contact: 9847037238
Vice President: Binod Niraula
Contact: 9857035097

Restuarant Sweets & Catering Committee (Industry)
President: Kishor Gautam
Contact: 9857028397
Vice President: Nishchal Shrestha
Contact: 9851118056

Electric & Electronic Committee (Commerce)
President: Mahendra Prasad Shrestha
Contact:  9857028295
Vice President: Bishnu Bhandari
Contact: 9857029903

Utensils and Plastic Committee (Commerce)
President: Tikaram Banjade
Contact: 9857030494/ 9847000332
Vice President: Kamal Din Miya
Contact: 9857021219

Furniture & Sawmill Committee (Industry)
President: Achyut Raj Aryal
Contact: 9847033520
Vice President: Nar Bahadur Siris
Contact: 9857026971

Beauty Parlor Committee (Industry)
President: Renu Shrestha
Contact: 9847030655
Vice President: Renu Karmacharya
Contact: 9847502817

Cosmetic and Gift Committee (Commerce)
President: Abdul Salamat
Contact: 9847046170
Vice President: Alim Din
Contact: 9847025786
Vice President: Bishnu Upadhyay
Contact: 9847027369

Daily Consumer Goods Committee (Commerce)
President:Bishnu Prasad Shrestha
Vice President:Umesh Amatya

Footware and Bag Committee (Commerce)
President: Mohammad Jamil Miya
Contact: 9857021221
Vice President: Tulsiram Khanal
Contact: 9857038449

Medicine Committee (Commerce)
President: Ganga Prasad Dhakal
Contact: 9857027341
Vice President: Ganesh Sedhai
Contact:  9857031532

Agriculture and Live Stock Committee  (Industry)
President:Shambhu Kumar Gupta
Contact: 9857022126, 9847202143
Vice President: Ganga Prasad Sapkota
Contact: 9857037546

Stationery Committee (Commerce)
President: Rajesh Bhattarai
Contact: 9857028920
Vice President: Ramchandra Koirala
Contact: 9847026834

Construction Committee (Industry)
President: Gyan Bahadur Pun
Contact: 9857026340
Vice President: Narayan Bahadur Bashyal
Contact: 9857030697

Liquor Committee (Commerce)
President: Tikaram Panthi
Contact:  9857027662
Vice President: Padam Raj Ghimire
Contact: 9857027821

Motor Committee (Commerce)
President: Gokarna Pandey
Contact:  9857025262
Vice President: Krishna Bhandari
Contact: 9857030065

Mobile Committee (Commerce)
President: Bishnu Gyawali
Contact:  9802634000
Vice President: Surendra Bhari
Contact: 9857034794

Women Entrepreneur Committee (Industry)
President: Namkala Balbasa (Saradha)
Contact:  9847478335
Vice President: Sunita Sharma
Contact: 9847481123

Fuel Committee (Commerce)
President: Narayan Khanal
Contact: 9857030122
Vice President: Bishal Gaire
Contact: 9857033666

Service & Consultancy Committee (Indsutry)
President: Nilam Adhikari
Contact: 9851232045
Vice President: Thakur Prasad Adhikari
Contact: 9857028631

Plastic Production Committee (Indsutry)
President: Him Lal Pokharel (Baburam)
Contact: 9857031145
Vice President: Sobhakhar Bhusal
Contact: 9857032549

Garment & Footwear  Production Committee (Indsutry)
President: Dol Prasad Pathak (Anil)
Contact: 9857036571