EEU logoEnergy Efficiency Unit BuCCI (EEU BuCCI), established in 2014 AD as a new service provided by the Butwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rupandehi (BuCCI), aims to create awareness on energy efficiency and encourage energy efficiency in industries, service sector and public infrastructures and hence saving the direct cost on the energy leading to the profit of the industries and service sector. The EEU BuCCI has been established with the support of German Development Cooperation – GIZ under the Nepal Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP) a joint Nepali- German program implemented by the Ministry of Energy with technical assistance from GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
“Efficient use of energy, our commitment”
“उर्जा  दक्षता, हाम्रो प्रतिबद्धता”
“Promoting efficient use of energy in every business activities to enhance competitiveness”
“उर्जा दक्षता लाई प्रवद्धन गर्दै प्रत्येक व्यवसायिक कृयाकलापमा प्रतिस्पर्धि क्षमताको अभिवृद्धि गने”
The objectives of the Energy Efficiency Unit BuCCI are:

  • To perform the advocacy on local and national basis for the effectiveness of energy efficiency and formulation of the energy efficiency policy in Nepal.
  • To improve the effectiveness and energy efficiency of the Industries and commerce sectors by performing the energy audits.
  • To raise awareness on the potential and benefits of energy efficiency for industries and individuals as a mean to reduce energy expenses, improve competitiveness and participate in the reduction of load shedding.
  • To provide the consultancy on energy efficient technologies for the new establishing industries.

For further information:

What is Energy Efficiency?
Energy Efficiency should not be misunderstood as Energy Conservation. Energy Efficiency is the use of technology that requires less energy to perform the same function whereas Energy Conservation is any behavior that results in the use of less energy. Turning the lights off when you leave the room and recycling aluminum cans are both ways of conserving energy.


Energy Efficiency is achieved when energy intensity is a specific product, process or area of production or consumption is reduced without affecting the output, consumption or comfort levels. Promotion of energy efficiency will contribute to energy conservation.

A reliable and affordable energy supply is essential for any economic development. Since several years Nepal’s economy is struggling with energy shortage. During load shedding Nepalese industries have to generate electricity by themselves running diesel generator at the triple price or shut down. The energy crisis not only increases cost of production but also discourages private investment.

Energy efficiency could play an important role to overcome the current energy crisis. A baseline study conducted by Nepal Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP) in eight energy-intensive industrial sectors of Nepal estimated annual saving potentials of about 160 GigaWatt hours of electricity that is equivalent of the consumption of 215,000 Nepalese households.

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) have taken the lead to bring energy efficiency on the top agenda of Nepalese decision makers by establishing the Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) under its roof. BuCCI has joined EEC initiative by establishing an Energy Efficiency Unit in Butwal and is providing energy auditing services to its member industries.


Energy Audit

What is Energy Audit

An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s) and to reduce energy costs. Energy audits are an insight into energy efficiency and conservation concepts and can lead to significant savings on the company’s utility bill. It involves a systematic study of all major energy consuming sections, equipment and processes with the objective to identify specific practical measures to minimize the consumption of energy.

Why do we need Energy Audit?

In any industry, the three top operating costs are often found to be energy (both electrical and thermal), labour and materials. Among the three, energy has the highest potential for cost reduction. Energy audit will help to understand more about the ways energy is used in the industry, and help in identifying the areas where waste can occur and where scope for improvement exists.

In the Nepal context of generalized load shading and high energy cost, energy efficiency is a key component to improve competitiveness and reduce the costs of production. The Energy Audits, realized by a team of specialists, would help you identify the opportunities of energy savings. This could significantly reduce the costs of your activity without compromising with the volume of production and quality.

Energy Audit Helps:

  • In identifying the quantity and cost of various forms of energy.
  • Looks for energy wastage
  • Identifies option to save energy and cost
  • Analyses your energy usage and cost



Currently we provide different kind of energy audit to the Industries and other sectors according to the size of the Industries, it can be

  • Walk-Through Energy Audit
  • Detailed Energy Audit


Walk-Through Energy Audit is a one-day energy audit that focuses only on the main areas of energy consumption in the industry. It doesn’t cover the whole facility but focuses on the most promising sectors of energy consumption and provides general recommendations for the rest of the facility. The findings are summarized in a report that also includes a simple economic analysis (simple payback period).

A Walk-Through Energy Audit is a relatively quick exercise to:

  • Establish energy consumption in the organization
  • Estimate the scope for saving
  • Identify the most likely and the easiest areas for attention
  • Identify immediate (especially no-/low-cost) improvements/ savings
  • Set a ‘reference point’
  • Identify areas for more detailed study/measurement
  • Walk-Through Energy Audit uses existing, or easily obtained data



Detailed Energy Audit, as its names indicates, is a very sorrow analysis of the whole areas of energy consumption. It incorporates the whole energy flow from the reception and production to its use in the process giving a very clear view of the state of the industry in term of energy and the possible areas of improvement. A detailed audit generally last from 4 to 7 days and is also coupled with a follow-up and support during the implementation phase.

  • Power Factor Check
  • Walk through energy audit
  • IR Visual Thermal Imaging
  • Diagnosis and detailed energy audit
  • Dissipate information, Awareness creation and training programs on Energy Efficiency
  • Facilitator for suppliers of energy-efficient technologies


Energy Efficiency Awareness – Energy Efficiency Unit, BuCCI is conducting awareness program on energy efficiency and savings to all type of organization. If you are interested please contact us.

The best advocates of our work and of the importance of Energy efficiency are the industries as well as commercial buildings that already did an energy audit. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you want to have their opinion on the work of the Energy Efficiency Unit, BuCCI.
List of Industries/ Hospitals
Honey Food Products
Butwal Flour Mill
SR Steels
Siddhivinayak Food Products
Sita Rice Mill
Nawa Plastic Udhyog
Lumbini Eye Institute
United Mission Hospital, Tansen
Siddhartha Women and Children Hospital
Lumbini Engineering College
Singh Complex
Shikhar Group of Industries, Nepalgunj

Mastech MS2203 - 3-Phase Clamp on Power MeterClamp – On Power Analyzer
The classic tool for an electrician
Measures all the common values in electricity
Brand: Amprobe ACDC 54 Nav

Fluke - 1730 - 3 phase Power analyser3 phase Power Logger
Useful in every industry
Record and analyze all the electrical parameters of an electrical installation
kVA, kW, PF, Hertz, kVAr, Amps and Volts.
Brand: Fluke 1730

Bacharach Fyrite InTechCombustion Analyzer
Useful in every industry that use boilers, furnace, kiln….
Analyze and record all the combustion parameters: O2, CO, CO2, excess air, efficiency…
Brand: Bacharach Fyrite In-Tech 0024-9486

Mastech - MS6550B IR ThermometerIR Thermometer
Useful in almost all industries where there is heating system, cooling system, heaters, boilers….
Measures temperature with a contact and remote sensors up to 1600°C
Brand: Mastech MS6550B

High Temperature ProbeHigh Temperature probe
Measure temperature up to 900°C
Useful for kilns and furnaces
With the IR Thermometer, it gives us a complete panel of temperature measurement

Amprobe MAN30Digital Differential Manometer
Useful in ventilation system, compressed air, vacuum system….
Brand: Amprobe MAN30

Amprobe TMA5Air Velocity equipment
Digital Anemometer
Useful in ventilation system, air flow, exhaust gas flow…
Brand: Amprobe TMA5

Fluke 971 - HygrometerDigital Hygrometer
Useful in measuring the humidity and temperature to maintain the indoor air quality
Brand: Fluke 971

Amprobe Lux MeterLux Meter
Useful in measuring the intensity of light
Brand: Amprobe LM100

Fluke VT04A IR Visual ThermometerIR Visual Thermometer
Useful to detect the heat leak and electrical fire condition of the electrical installations
Brand: Fluke VT04A

Digital Tachometer LutronDigital Tachometer
Useful to measure the speed of the motor to compare the existing and the rated speed
Brand: Lutron

The details of suppliers for energy efficient equipment’s are given as follows.

Subject Name & Address of Organization

Gas Analysis/Coal Analysis

N.D. International

Mr. Debasis De, Managing Partner

Mob :  9830238048

107B, Block-F, New Alipur

Kolkata – 700 053

Off :  4021-6600-17 (18 lines)

4021-6600 (Direct)


Gas/Coal Analysis


Dr. Sumit Chowdhury

Mob : 9830067043

180/190, Rastraguru Avenue, Kolkata – 700 028

Tel : 2579-2889/2579-2891

Email :


Gas/Coal Analysis

Bharat Foundation

Mr. S.Niyogi, Partner

25/11A, K. P. Ray Lane, Kolkata – 700 031

Tel :  2415-2145 / 2405-5015, Mob: 9831857775

Email :


Variable Frequency Drive




ABB India

49, Race Course Road, Bangalore, India

Contact Person :  Mr. N. Venu

Contact No. 91-9845193809 / 91-80-22949355

Email :

Siemens Ltd.

384,Phase-II, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Contact Person : Mr. L. Maheswari

Tel : 0124-4578100

Fuji Electric

920A, Galleria Towers

DLF, Phase-4, Gurgaon – 122002,

Phone :  91-9810106905


Liquid/Gaseous Fuel ratio controllers

Dilligent Micro Controls

Bhatia Compound No. 2

Lal Bahadur Sastri Marg, Thane – 400602

Wesman India

Wesman Centre,  8 Mayfair Road, Kolkata-700019

Tel :  033-40020300,

Fax : 033-22908050, 22816402


AC/DC Drive for Controlling fuel/air

Dynaspede Integrated Systems (P) Ltd.

508, Pragati Tower, 26 Rejendra Place

New Delhi – 110008

Crompton Greaves Ltd.

CG House, 6th Floor

Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli

Mumbai – 400030, India


Combustion Analyser

Jupiter Integrated Senser System Pvt. Ltd.

Kailash Industrial Complex

A-401, Behind Godrej Colony, Park Site

Vikhroli, Mumbai-400079, India

Tel :  022-25186470/25186471

Swan Environmental Private Ltd.

House no. 1 – 5017, 3rd floor, SMR Chamber

Opposite St annes College

Medinaguda, Seringapally, Hyderabad, (AP)

Tel: 040-23043328, Fax: 040-23041905

Testo India Pvt. Ltd.

Plot-23, Sind Colony, Boner Road, Aundh, Pune

Maharastra – 411007, India

Tel :  020-65600203, Fax: 020-25850080

Mob :  9370319654

  Furnace Instrumentation            Amsat EDC

39/A Hanuman Nagar, Senapati Bapat Road,

Pune – 411 016, Maharastra, INDIA



 Metallic Recuperator Indaid Engineers Pvt. Ltd.



Refined Structures Pvt. Ltd.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

  Furnace Samrat Furnaces Pvt. Ltd , Thane

Brickmont, Calcutta

K.N.Engineering Works (ZOOK), Faridabad



Wesman Group of Companies, Calcutta

Allied Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Refined Structures & Heat Control Unit, Jaipur

R.K.Industrial Enterprises, Faridabad


  Pulverized Coal Burner Refined Structures & Heat Control Unit,    Jaipur,

R.K.Industrial Enterprises, Faridabad

Punjab State Council for Science & Technology

  Heat Exchanger Eastern Equipment & Engineers, Kolkata

Samrat Furnaces Pvt. Ltd., Thane

Nirvan Furnaces Pvt. Ltd, Thane

Saket Engineering, Thane

Wesman Group of Companies, Calcutta

Refines Structures & Heat control Unit, Jaipur

  Blowers S.F.India (Flat), Calcutta

NADI system

Andrew Yule

Hindustan Develop Corporation

 Refractory material Nilachal refractory Dhenkanal, Orissa

Bharat refractory Ltd, Bokaro

IFICO Refractory Ltd, Ramgad

Mythan ceramic, Dhanbad

Orissa Cement Ltd

Orient refractory Ltd

IFGL Rourkela

  1. Mika Insulating bricks, Bhilwara
  2. Mahabir Insulation refractory
  3. Tata refractory ltd., Belapahar
Energy Efficient lights, cables and fans Kashi Electrical Stores

Mr. Sandeep Kashaudhan

Amarpath Butwal

Phone: – 071-540298

Premier overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Panchayan marg, 3rd floor, Kathmandu

Phone: 01-4269926, 4229922, 4260298,

Philips lighting

Jamal, mitra marg-110, Kathmandu

Phone: +977 01 4225187 / 4225490


Suryodaya Urja Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Nabin Bhujel

Dhapasi, Kathmandu

Phone: 01-4379000


Capacitor banks and APFC Nepal Power Engineering & Fabricators

Mr. Alok Badal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 9851044351


Hyonjan Electrical & Fabricators

Balaju Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 9851075980


Powercap Capacitors Pvt. Ltd

803, Swastik Chambers,

C.S.T. Road, Chembur,

Mumbai 400 071, Maharashtra

Phone: +91-022-25224253, 25234892, 25229820


Clariant Power System Ltd

Sunayana Ganjewar (Design Executive)

Clariant House, 799/A, Bhandarkar Road, PUNE – 411004

Ph.: +91 20 66017381 Mbl: +91 9881196103


Web    :

Voltage Stabilizer Tejindra Electric Works (R).

A-122, Group Industrial Area,

Wazirpur, Delhi – 110052.

Ph- 011-47073000 (5-Lines)

Fax- +91-11-47073006

E-mail –

Website –

Power Line Systems

Mohammad Ashfaq

No. 458/466/1, Street No. 8, Friends Colony, Industrial Area, G.T. Road, Shahdara, New Delhi, Delhi 110032, India

Phone: +91 11 6525 7010, Mbl: +91-9811115329

Rice husk fired Boilers Ekta engineering and marketing Pvt. ltd

Flat no. – 402, fourth floor, Bagmati chambers,

Tripureswor – Teku road,

GPO BOX – 11482, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone – 00977 1 4247676

Fax – 00977 1 4238131

Mobile – 00977 9851036530

M/S Industrial boilers; Regional Office, Delhi

79-80, Satkar, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110 019

Tel. : +91-11-26453194 / 26453195 / 26417983

Fax : +91-11-26453197

Email :,

Solar hot water system Suggested technology: Heat tube collector based SHW system (Australian Technology)

Sun Works Nepal (Niraj Shrestha,)

Tel. : 01-4330854

Email :

Energy efficient welding machines(inverter based) Electra Welding & Cutting Equipments





E-mail: , ,

ESAB India limited

Eastern Regional Office

P41 Taratala Road

Kolkata 700088

Tel (033) 2401 9671

Fax (033) 2401 4427


Welding energy savers Electra Welding & Cutting Equipment

D-29, Sector-9, Noida – 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tel : 91-120-4322657

Fax: 91-120-4283657

Mobile: +919810029167, 9810063864, 9910071689

E-mail: , ,


Fuyuan Industrial Estate, Fuyong, Baoan,

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Vijay Energy Products Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Srivatsa Rajagopalan

Mobile No: (91)-9840474736

Telephone: (91)-(44)-28152906, (91)-(44)-28156540

Address: No.23, Gopalakrishna Road, T.Nagar, Chennai -600017,

Tamil Nadu, India


Mr. ARUT SELVAM D. (Managing Director)

Mobile: 91-9444045774

Telephone: 91-44-26172977

Address: 9/1, B-TYPE, SIDCO NAGAR, VILLIVAKKAM, Chennai – 600049,

Tamil Nadu, India


Mrs. Latha (Managing Director)

Mobile No: 919710486352

Telephone: 91-44-65242796


Insulation Lloyd Insulation

Kolkata 6, Middleton Street,

Kolkata- 700071

Contact No: +91 033 – 22401606, 22475479, 30585201, 30585202, 30585211

Fax No: +91 033 – 22402629


Barrel jackets/ insulation jackets, energy saving heaters Anupam heaters and controls Pvt Ltd

A-284, Sumangal

Road No 30, Wagle industrial state, thane, Mumbai

Phone: 912225838051,912225838052


Om group

Om House, 2nd Floor, 20/ A, Tarunshakti Society, Near Alkapuri Society, Ghatlodiya

Ahmedabad – 380061,Gujarat, India

Phone:+(91)-9327094909, +(91)-9227620371



Hi-Tech thermal insulation pvt ltd

402, The great eastern galleria, plot no-20, sector no 4, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Contact no: 912227712448, 27719154



Steam Valve manufacturer and Suppliers Rushas Engineering Company Ltd.

B-6, Maharashtra Industrial Development Council, Ahmednagar – 414111, Maharashtra, India.

Phone: +91 – 241 – 2777380 / 6610380 / 2419860

Fax: +91-241-2778211

Mobile: +91-9225320720, +91-9225316499

Email :

Furnace Burner Oxilon burners company

D-194, Uma Udyognagar, M.G.Road no.4,

Udyognagar,Udhna – 394210 Surat (Guj.) INDIA.

Ph. +91 261 6590305, 092279 52991, 092288 55679


Stenter Improvements Lucy Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd

Plot No. 5915, Road No. 59

GIDC Estate, Sachin;

District SURAT-394230

Telephone: 0261-2398850/2398851

Fax: 0261-2398852


Automatic water Pumping system Magic Pumping

Microtronic Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: – 9807018123, 9846518085

Boiler Feeding system Misra Boilers Pvt Ltd

Surinder Mishra

Call Us: +91-9779900726

E-646, Block F, Phase 7, Focal Point

Ludhiana – 141010, Punjab, India