Our New Approach

Butwal itself is a name of glory and interchange. It has been a personification of various positive changes in the city during past 4 decades. In compliance with the new policy changes and based upon ground scenario of Nepal, BuCCI make every possible effort to compute the opportunities in favor and overcome hurdles to pay rise to trade, industry and socio- economic development of Butwal area. It has in mind the growing industrialization as well as rapid urbanization in the south of the city within its territory. Likewise it has also noticed high potential of tourism development in surrounding regions and potentiality of local products being exported to developed world. Furthermore, it is well aware of the prospects of commercialization of high value agro-commodities in the region. Therefore, BuCCI within the purview has the following idea and program for implementation.

  • Development of well-equipped Export Promotion Division (EPD) within BuCCI set up.
  • Development of Industrial corridor along Tinau River east bank.
  • Establishment of Butwal as a stopover tourist destination.
  • Development of resorts and recreation centers accessible from Butwal, Bhairahawa , Lumbini and Tansen.
  • Initiation of ‘Butwal Mandap’ major project in pipeline for constructions.
  • Commercialization of Agriculture for Trade and poverty reduction.
  • Implementation of Integrated new city concept in between Butwal Municipality and Bhairahawa Municipality.