Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure Of BuCCI


It is a supreme body that elects Executive Committee. All together there are 31 members in the executive committee that includes eight office bearers with Immediate Past President (IPP) an ex-officio, 19 elected members, three nominated later from among the general members representing commerce, industry and agriculture sector by the president and one honorable member honored by the president. This Committee formulates policy, plan, and program and executes them within the order of GA and the statute of the Chamber. The office bearer’s include President, Immediate Past President, One Senior Vice-President, Two Vice-Presidents one each from commerce & industry sector, Secretary General, Treasurer and Secretary.


BuCCI’s statute has a provision of forming minimum 16 commodity wise Committees, Advisory Assembly which sits minimum once a year and is composed of joint  participation of coordinator from Commodity wise objective Committees, Market Promotion Committees and Executive Committee of BuCCI in full. It discusses on program and work plan for appropriate suggestion. The Commodity wise Committees resolve minor issues in themselves and the issues beyond their reach forward to Executive Committee. There is also the provision of formation of advisory committee representing different sectors to provide expertise services.


With a view to supervising, monitoring and mobilizing the activities of BuCCI and carrying on them smoothly there is a provision of forming sub Committees, each led by members from among the Executive Committee. These sub-committees look after the on-going activities of BuCCI, manage effective implementation of them and report to president/executive committee.